How are the English-speaking Parisian Cooking Classes Going?

Interested in French Culinary Tourism?

French Cooking Courses

Are you interested in France and French cuisine ? Would you like to participate in cookery classes in the French capital? Perhaps you would. But maybe the thought of a cooking class in Paris seems a bit of a distant dream. Perhaps you feel your French isn’t quite up to the mark? Well, think again. And before you rule out the idea, visit the website You may be pleasantly surprised.

English-Speaking French Cookery Classes

At Le Foodist’s website, you may be be pleasantly surprised to learn that English-speaking classes in the culinary arts are available in Paris. And how! They’re actually pretty diverse, giving you a great choice. If you fancy a class in basic French cuisine, you’ve got it. Your tutor will walk you through the whole experience, starting with picking out your fruit, vegetables and meat at actual Parisian markets. You’ll learn to cook a lunch or dinner as only the French (or those taught in France) can. Afterwards, you get to enjoy that wonderful food in the company of other Francophile foodist - English speaking ones, So you can swap notes, tips and experiences. And enjoy.

Pastry Cooking and Wine Tasting

Perhaps you’ve already completed a course here? Or maybe pastry is more your thing? Then consider the pastry class. With English speakers from regions as diverse as Canada, Australia and the UK, you can learn the secrets of making the perfect croissant. As in the other course, you get to eat the goodies afterwards and compare experiences with your companions. Or if you love French wine, the wine-tasting class is a must. Develop your French wine expertise in the friendliest of atmospheres and learn the difference between a cabernet and a Côtes du Rhône. With this great opportunity available, consider cooking classes in Paris. You’ll be glad you did.