How to make French croissants

Your Trip to France

Any trip to France will not be complete without a visit to Paris. The shopping is world-class, the architecture is stunning, and of course, the ambiance in the street cafes and restaurants is unique. To sit in the sun with a coffee watching all the people passing by is irresistible. The French are renowned for their food especially their patisserie. The most famous French pastry is the croissant, although it actually originates from Austria.

What is a croissant?

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A croissant is a delicate pastry, shaped like a crescent moon, made from a rich layered yeast-leavened dough and is the basis for what the traditional continental breakfast. Delicate it may be but the taste is sublime. Tastes great with jam or honey, I especially like it with chunky orange marmalade. Often eaten, as a snack it can be sliced open and filled with anything, Serrano and cheese, chorizo to name but a few.

Learn how to make a croissant.

Although croissants are readily available worldwide, there is nothing quite like the one you have made yourself. There can truly be no better place to learn the art of croissant making than in Paris. If you enrol in croissant class in Paris, you can have a fun day learning about the different types of croissant. You will learn the all-important techniques of preparing the dough and acquire the skills to achieve the characteristic shape. There are various schools offering tuition, but for a real day out check out the website of Lefoodist, they have a day course that not only will enable you to learn the skills, but have fun too. You will discover the passion that the team at Lefoodist have for all things food and leave with a skill that will make you the envy of your friends.